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Label Consulting Programs

Complete Campaign includes Distribution,
Radio, Publicity, and Tour Support

So you've just recorded and release your latest album.  You know you have to tour to promote it, implement marketing and promotional strategies, and make the record available for sale on digital outlets and retail stores.  If you plan on doing this yourself, your next step would be to start your own record label,  seek distribution, then market and promote your butt off.  This can be a daunting task, and it's not easy to do without a budget.  But if you are a diligent, hardworking, independent artist, there are ways to advance yourself and resources available to help you.

There is of course another path you can take if you feel that your time and effort would be better spent on the creative end of your career as most artists do.  This is the ultimate scenario for the indie artist; To be able to focus on songwriting, recording, and performance. and leaving the business end ---- the marketing and promotion, to the professionals.  The only problem with that is, it usually takes money.  publicity campaigns, radio campaigns, and the most effective marketing efforts that have the industry juice (connections) behind them don't come cheap.  If you are lucky enough to gain the attention of a well known professional manager that can actually get things don oen a commission basis, that would of course be your first choice. 

The Ultimate Record Label  

Unfortunately, that's not easy either.  Sure there are fans, friends, and people out there that would be willing to "manage" you but let's face it ....  What can they really do for you without the clout and industry connections? Utilizing the services of an industry consultant or manager that has the connections to get things done on a big scale is the way to go if you can afford it.  Finding financial backing would be key.  But again, NOT EASY.  Read this article about "How to Get the Backing you need to fund your career".As part of our Interim management-consulting services, we can advise and councel you on inexpensive but very effective strategies for promoting your new release, or your music career in general.   Or if you find yourself in the fortunate position of having a budget on your own, or through the help of a financial backer you should take full advantage of it by engaging the music professionals that can get it done ... Big Time!

Through our affiliation with independent record labels, AMEG offers consulting packages which include every element of promoting your new release including:

1. National Retail Distribution through ADA / Warner Music Group
2. Digital Distribution through ADA / Warner Music Group
3. Publicity, and Music Media Relations
4. Radio Promotion   (college, media base, AC, depending on your genre)
5. Digital and Traditional Marketing,  Advertising, and Promotion

6.Tour Support and management via our promoter/Agent network

7. Interim management/Consulting - Ongoing counsel, support, and advice
8. Covering all aspects of starting your own record label 

If you have a budget, and you are totally serious about implementing a full blown professional campaign which includes national retail distribution and all the elements of promotion listed above,  submit your material via our guidelines for consideration. If you are interested in utilizing any of our other marketing services on an ala carte-individual basis, please contact us here


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