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Song Licensing

License Your Songs To Film & TV   and Other Media      

Did you ever feel that one of your songs would be perfect for a TV or movie soundtrack?   Can you hear one of your songs playing as the movie ends and the credits are rolling on the screen?  Well the reality of placing a song in a major or independent film may not be as far fetched as you might think.  There are tons of independent filmmakers, music supervisors and directors in major movie and TV studios constantly on the look out for new music for an upcoming movie or television show.

Having your music exploited in film, TV, commercials, the Internet, or video games can be a tremendous way of breaking through and creating massive awareness for your music.  Instead of waiting around for a label to take interest, here is a way to earn money, get your music out there, and maybe then the labels will take interest.

The procedure for making this a reality is also not as difficult as you may think.  There are many online portals that allow you to submit your songs to their catalog for consideration.  Some are free some charge a fee.  There are also resources and directories available that post just about every studio and the proper contact information and procedure for submitting your songs for licensing consideration.  The agreements are usually non-exclusive but can be long and tricky.  They should be read carefully and reviewed by a qualified music attorney.

Submit your songs directly
To Film & TV Music Directors
And other Media Outlets

The studio or filmmaker will usually offer you a one time licensing fee for the use of your song in a movie, TV show, video game, or whatever type of media they happen to work with.  Depending on the deal, you may also receive mechanical royalities each time the song is used.  You should retain all the rights to the copyright and masters.  This online quick , easy, and affordable copyright service can get it done for you if you still need a copyright?  You are only granting permission  (a license) for them to use the song on a particular media production.  Your rights should enable you to license the song to other films and TV shows.  You are basically giving them what is call "Synchronization" rights to use that song in their film or television show. This process is much like a software license whereby a company like Microsoft grants or sells you a license to use their Windows operating system software.

You can either find the right contacts and submit your music directly right to the source for consideration, or you can use a submission service that either charges a fee or submits your songs for free but retains 50% of any licensing fee that you may receive for the use of your song.  Submitting your songs on your own is just as effective and can give you a full 100% of the licensing fee.  A reputable firm that does the submissions but takes 50% of the licensing fee is Pump Audio.  They have been doing it for years and have closed many deals and made millions for many independent artists.  You must show proof of copyright ownership, publishing ownership.  If you have not copyrighted your songs yet PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY before submitting anything!  If you still need a copyright?   This company provides extremely affordable online quick and easy copyright services.

Pump Audio will grant a license to a media based company for a specific use (TV, Video game, Internet or film) for a specific amount of time.  They take 50% of any licensing fee that they may acquire for you and pay you 50%.  You would retain all the royalities from your performing rights society (ASCAP or BMI) for any exploitation of your songs. 

Customers that these companies grant and sell licenses to can synchronize your music with program material for a specific job and for a set period of time. Examples include a one-year use as background music for an MTV production, or six months as background music on a web site. Customers will be able to edit the tracks if they need to. Other types of production/entertainment service uses are possible and the company usually continues to explore how to put your music to work profitably as new opportunities develop.

Other music submission services available include and  There are many others.

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The bottom line here that as an indie artist one of the least exploited and very effective method of getting your music out there and actually making money with it is by seeking music licensing deals.  Whether you use a submission service and relinquish 50% of the license fee or you submit your songs directly retaining 100% of the license fee using the very popular and comprehensive Film and TV Guide which lists all the complete major/indie film and TV supervisors contact info and submission guidelines.  Either way, licensing your songs can create a tremendous opportunity.

REMEMBER, and we can't emphasize this enough!  If you have not copyrighted your songs you should Register your Copyright NOW with these reliable, affordable, online, quick and easy copyright services.  Don't forget to protect your songs and hard work now ... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. 


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Music Supervisors in
the latest edition of
The Film & TV Guide

Don't Do It Without Protection
Your Songs May
Be in Jeopardy!

Quickly, Easily, and Affordably Protect Your
Intellecual Property Now

Before it'sToo Late !

 quick and easy copyright services


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