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Indie Music Roundtable.  A series of informative and interactive indie musician tele-seminars featuring music industry professionals.

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A series of informative and interactive tele-seminars geared toward the success of the indie artist. Hosted by Ken Cavalier

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David, Ken, and the team have affiliations with the following organizations

Independent music career consultants and artist managers


Music marketing and music promotion resources and services from a music industry veteran
The National Academy of
Recording Arts and Sciences


Recording Institute
Association of America


National Booking Agency


Atlantic Records




Dewey Beach Music
Conference and Festival

South by Southwest
Music Conference


Nemo Music Festival
Boston, MA


Miillennium Music
Conference and Festival




Music Publisher's





David Ivory is an Adjunct
professor of the Music
Industry Program at
Drexel University in Philadelphia


Ampex Golden Reel Award
For "Gems" Patti LaBelle




Work with David Ivory's Team  
Artist Developers, and Music Promoters

Development, Performance and Recording Productions


Have you ever wished that you could work with the music industry's top record producers, artist developers. and music marketing & promotion superstars?  The opportunity rarely shows itself to the greater majority of unsigned independent artists.  Working with top development people can not only put your image, recordings, and career on turbo charge but the added credibility you place on your project can go a long way in gaining the industry attention that every independent artist longs for. 

Announcing ......   
The Ultimate Artist Development -
Recording - Production & Marketing Package ....

Aclaimed music producer David Ivory, and veteran artist manager and music marketer Ken Cavalier of Allure Media Entertainment Group have teamed up and put together the total Artist Development, Recording, and Marketing package for unsigned and independent artistsFrom live performance, development, song selection and arrangement, pre-production, to tracking and production, to the final stage ... marketing, distribution, touring, and promoting the overall product. (The Artist and the Record)  You'll be totally prepared and empowered to get out there and start creating a major BUZZ.

The process begins with a very in-depth screening of the artist by Ivory Productions and AMEG.  A review of their material, image, songs, and break-through / commercial potential.  Then a very intense live performance showcase/audition in the Suburban Philadelphia studios of Ivory Productions / Dylanava Studios.  Expect to be critiqued in a big way on your songs and arrangements during this performance-audition.  This is what David Ivory and the team does best

A Snapshot of the Three Stage Process

 Stage I

 Stage II

Stage III

Artist Development 

  : Rehearsing th band for live performance
  : Image development and implementation
Songwriting, selection, and arrangement

Also available ala carte

Tracking & Production 

: Music Pre-Production & Tracking
Mixing & Mastering, and Release
Manufacturing, packaging, CD Art

Also available ala carte

Marketing & Promotion

: Promote & Market band and album
 : Publicity, Photos, reviews, interviews
: Tours, Distribution,  Merchandising

Also available ala carte


Artist and Song Development Sessions

The artist development sessions that you will experience will be extremely intense and highly interactive.  Expect to have your songs, your image, and overall existence as an artist critiqued like never before.  Expect to learn more about yourself as an artist that you ever imagined or dreamed possible. 

A typical session may have David Ivory wildly waving his arms, cutting the song every couple minutes, and being generally annoying.  This is the kind of annoyance that you need.  If you can't take it or don't want to hear critique or can't handle criticisim about the song, the way you stand, the effects you use on your instrument, the inflections in your vocals, or constructive criticism in general, then this opportunity may not be for you or your band.

The band will be rehearsed intensely - over and over the same song, the same bridge, the same hook.  Not only will we work on arranging the song but on the live performance.  We will also rehearse and showcase you at a live venue to gain the full effect.  Every aspect of both recorded and live performance will be covered in extreme completeness. 

You will graduate from these artist development boot camp sessions with a true understanding of exactly what you have to do to make it as a recording and performing artist. 

Tracking and Recording

Okay now you've been through what was probably the most intense artist development boot camp of your life and it's time to move on.  all songs selected for tracking will be finished with the arrangements and you will go into pre-production, working constantly to perfect the songs. 
Once this is completed and the songs, and you as an artist is one hundred per cent ready, we will beging tracking the music.  We may recommend a variety of instruments and possibly bring in guest performances from national recording artists to add other instruments to the record if we all agree and feel it's a good idea and will enhance the production. 

We will work on the songs, the production, and recording quality until they are totally up to the professional standards of the music industry.  The songs will then be professionally mixed and mastered and your finished record will be ready for manufacturing and packaging.

Now we have a highly developed artist, with an awesome live performance, great arranged songs, professionally recorded, manufactured, and packaged and ready for release.

Take a quick tour with David Ivory of Dylanava Production Studios and hear first hand more about these interactive sessions.    View Video 

Pre-Production session with The Israeli band Coolooloosh.      View Video 

Next Steps  (The Final Frontier)

Product release, marketing, promotion, publicity, tour, photo shoots, distribution, and merchandising. 

Wow, sounds like a lot, heh?  Well it is, and we've only just begun.  Now the long tedious work of marketing the band into awareness begins.  This is where Ken takes over and excels.

Now that your record is ready to be released the most important part of your career is at hand.  Creating a buzz for the artist and the record.  It's time to start writing the story that will eventually excel your career and navigate you to where you want to be as an artist. 

We act as your artist manager and start getting things done like publicity, putting together the shows you need, distributing your product and basically marketing and promoting the project.   Even though the job of marketing and promotion never ends, this initial campaign can last anywhere from 6 months to 12 months  to get your career on track.  Every aspect of your career is covered.

Time Frame

The artist development sessions, and recording sessions basically depends on the number of songs that the team will be working with.  The development, song arrangements, and rehearsals, will all depend on whether or not you have the budget for a single, 2-3 song demo, 5 song EP, or a full length album.  Artist development, arrangements, and tracking can range from two weeks to to three months.  Both the artists and developer's schedule play a large role also in the overall length of time for this aspect of the campaign.

The Interim-Management Marketing and Promotion Campaign can range anywhere from six to twelve months depending on a lot of factors.  Whatever it takes to create the awareness for your project
Here is a synopsis of what will be happening suring the course of this campaign. 

Each Stage and Service is Also 
Offered on an Individualized Basis

Music marketing and myusic promotion services for independent artists Each individual process and stage of this program is available as a total package or on an ala carte basis.  We offer stand alone artist development, stand alone recording and production and stand alone marketing and promotion for those who may have already accomplished some of the stages.

Artist Development
You choose to just go through the Artist Development sessions which focus on live performance, song arrangement, and image.

Pre-Production - Tracking & Recording
You can choose to just record and track your music with or without production assistance.

Marketing, Promotion, and
Management-Consulting Campaign

You can choose the Interim-Management consulting campaign with the focus on representation, music marketing, publicity, and promotion.

Whatever suits your fancy, fits your budget,
and is right for your music career at this stage

Needless to say, if you want to work with David, Ken, and their team, David's services as a Grammy nominated Record Producer and engineer, and Ken's services as a a music marketing and promotion expert, are certainly not the least expensive you can find and of course there are very limited slots available.. 

But without question, not many music producers, and artist managers of their caliber are willing to work with unsigned independent artists.  So why would they offer their services to unsigned, unknown, independent artists you ask?  It's actually pretty simple; 

David and Ken find great passion in working with developing artists, that's why they're willing to give realitively unknown artists a shot ...  provided they feel that they have the  songs and potential to break through.  Although associated with a major label, Atlantic Records, Dave Ivory understands the music industry environment today and the need for independent music. 

If you are interested in being considered for this program and campaigns, please submit a demo, press kit (With photos) for consideration.  Here are the guidelines for consideration ...  be sure to note which service or campaign package you are interested in being considered for.

Guidelines For Consideration


What Some of our Artists say about David Ivory, Ken Cavalier, and
their Artist Development,
  Production and
Marketing  Team

Grammy Nominated Engineer/
David Ivory

Artist Manager, Developer, and Music Marketing wiz
Ken Cavalier

(Atlantic Records)

“David Ivory took a chance
on us about 2 1/2 years ago
when Arejay and I had just
lost half of our band. I
learned more about myself
as a songwriter and vocalist
in those first 6 months than
I could have on my own in 2
years. He really helped
accelerate the process! Not to mention, providing a studioand producer at our fingertips.

David is someone who believed so whole heartedly in what wecan do and saw something in us, even in our rawest state.”

~ Lzzy Hale [Halestorm]
   Atlantic Records

(J Records -

"Dave Ivory, a true rebel
and leader in a world of

~ Walt Lafty [Silvertide] 
    Sony/BMG Records


"It's been an incredible
year. I feel like David
(Ivory) brought out
more from us musically
than we knew we had
– he totally refined and
helped define our sound".

~ Susie Keynes [Fruit]



" David and his team 
have the knowledge we were
seeking, having recorded so
many top-notch musicians of
similar genres. We thought, '
instead of trying to figure out
how to get the kick drum to
sound as heavy The Roots' did,
why not go to the same guy
who produced and recorded
them?' We contacted AMEG,
and the vibe was so down-to-
earth and friendly that we
could tell this would work,
and up to Philadelphia we went." 

~ Foundation Stone 


David Ivory invigorates
the musical spirit inside t
he artist. His sense of
group & individual
strengths & weaknesses
benefits the project
entirely as he creates
harmony and balance in
ways the artists cannot
achieve within their own
circles. Mr. Ivory earns
respect, not through
sleight of hand or
will-o'-the-wisp words,
but through being a
genuine human being.
Not only does David
Ivory understand the
music industry, the
music industry could
learn a thing or two
from him."


Skip Dixxon , Program Director
WOCM Rock 98, Ocean City, MD

"Coolooloosh is SMOKIN'!
I knew it was an Ivory/AMEG Production just by listening!"

~ Skip Dixxon
WOCM Rock 98

4th And Dock

" We can't believe that
what we have on that
C.D. is us. we love what
is happening and I started
writing on the drive home
while stuck in traffic. i will
never go anywhere again
without a pad of paper and
a pen, Brandon will never
leave his house without a
guitar, and birtles, well I
think you know what he will live and breathe for a while (click tracks) I just wanted
to email you and tell you
thank you.  Thanks not only
for the fantastic production
of the music and the map
work for what we need to
write and how to practice,
but also for raising our spirits..."

~ 4th And Dock



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