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         Anatomy of a Record Deal

         Are you really ready ??  Are you sure you want one?

Calling all record labels  ... Hello ...  Are there any of you still out there?

Are You Ready for a  "Record Deal"
You may think you are but you may want to think again ....

Easy Record Deal teaches you strategies to get signed


Take a look through this checklist ......

 Do your recordings connect with your live performance?

 Are you developed to your fullest potential ?

  Is your image totally memorable and unforgettable?

  How many radio hit songs do you have in your repertoire?

  Is your Press Kit and web site on the cutting edge of the industry?

  Do you or your band have a superstar mentality?

 Has your fan base exploded?  Do you have hundreds if not
thousands on your mailing list and who show up at gigs?

 Are you touring extensively and have fan bases in multiple markets

 Have you achieved a nice element of success with an
independent record release?  Did a well known record
produce your record? Have you received radio
play, show good sales on the soundscan ratings?

 Have you created a major industry buzz with good press,
media and record reviews?

 Do you have the NO-HOLES-BARRED "Whatever it takes"
attitude you need to succeed?

Do you really want a record deal? 
Before you decide listen to the downside:

There are 5 stages to an Artist's Career .....
At what stage are you?

1. The unsigned and developing Act:  (looking for and needs career counseling)

2.  The Baby Act: (may have a small Indie Record deal, you've possibly assembled a team, you have or are looking for a manager and agent and career direction, counseling, and promotional services)

3. Established Act:  (You have a manager and agent, have established tours, you've created a buzz, may have a small "record deal" and have achieved some success with an album.)

4. Star Act:  (Do we have to describe this)  Trust us ... if you're reading this, you're not there yet. 

5. Legacy Act/Superstar Act:  Icons with decades of major success ... i.e. Rolling Stones, U2, Elton John,  etc

In the event that you do land a record deal.
The Artist - Label Relationship

Record Deal Resources:

You have just one shot at a Record Deal, one shot to make a great first impression with A&R Reps and record labels.  MAKE DARNED SURE IT'S A BULLS EYE.  HERE'S HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE READY

Read this Article by music industry expert and former record label owner Ty Cohen for more insight on "How to Get a Record Deal" if you really want one


How to Get a Record Deal .
When you submit to the Labels
You have one shot to make a great first impression  Make sure it's a


Record label and A&R submission services



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