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Radio Promotion

Getting Airplay for your Latest Single Release

Radio promotion is one of many essential elements in your overall music marketing strategy provided it is implemeneted in conjunction with other marketing tactics at the right time.  An effective radio campaign can set the stage for your single, and bring massive media attention to it.  Getting charted on many of the industry journals such as Billboard, FMQB, etc can be a result.  It will bring about radio interviews and appearances.  What better to combine this with publicity and distribution in the current city in which you are performing.

There may be some that tell you that a radio campaign is a waste of money.  That terrestrial radio is no longer the way to go with the onset of digital marketing and the internet.  They may tell you that it's all about the Internet and nothing else.  I've heard them say that radio stations are closing down ... no one listens to the radio anymore.  Well, by keeping up with the trends as we do on a daily basis, and knowing totally everything there is to know about promoting yourself as an independent artist in todays world, we have one word for what those people are saying.  RUBBISH.  Although the Internet and the digital world of music marketing is no-doubt an essential element in your marketing, and maybe should be the foremost method you use, you still can't do-away with the traditional end of marketing.  If you tried to, then there would literally be no TV, no radio, no magazines, no newspapers.  Take a look around ....  Do you really think this is the case?

Although radio promotion may very well be an essential element of your overall music marketing campaigns, there is a time and a place for it.  Radio campaigns can be extremely expensive ranging anywhere from $450 - $700. per week for a top radio plugger.  A typical campaign runs between 8 to 12 weeks ... the longer it runs the more effective it can be.  So you can see what kind of money we're talking about here.  This is why it's so important to assure that you time your campaign properly.  If it's in your budget it's best to implement a publicity vampaign to coincide with radio airplay.  It is also important to time your touring so that it runs in conjunction with the radio campaign.  Play the cities where radio is giving you the spins.

A top radio promoter, one with a great deal of music industry connections can help you in many other ways other than pitching you to the radio stations for airplay consideration.  They can facilitate live radio performances, interviews, etc.  The best of them have associations with record labels for whose artists they may do radio promotion campaigns for.  If you hook up with a seasoned radio promoter, who really loves your single and album in general.  This could open up a world of opportunities for you.

How to find the right radio promoter for your project:

When you think the time is right to engage a radio promoter (you've chosen the single, you have a publicist in place, your marketing and promotion consultant or manager is in place) there are a couple key factors to consider.

1. Choose a radio promotion firm that specilizes in your genre.  One that has the radio station associans with the correct format and that play your genre and style of music.

2. Choose one that is associated with music industry charting journals such as Radio & Records, Billboard, Friday Morning Quarterback, or Mediabase.  This way you have a good chance of having your single charted.  Without radio, obviously you will not appear on any of these charts.

3. Choose one that has been around for a while, has a proven track record, and has worked with notable artists and record labels.  Choose an established radio promoter, one that has the clout to persuade a program director to even listen to your single.  It's also important to speak with current and past clients to determine the firms response time and efforts.

4. Choose one with the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right single to promote.

5. Choose a radio promoter that specializes in secondary and tertiary markets.  It is essential to start in these markets prior to attempting to get radio play on mainstream R&R stations.  You need to achieve success in those secondary markets before you can move forward.

The Indie Bible is The bible of contacts, publicity, and review sites for the DIY independent artist
The indie bible lists hundreds of Internet radio stations that feature independent music.


The Galaris Musician's Directory provides point and click access to over 1200 music business contacts

The Galaris Musician's Directory has over 1200 contacts including radio stations that play indie music


AMEG has relationships with some of the top radio promotion firms in the US.  All specializing in different radio formats and genres.  As part of our consulting service we will recommend the one we feel fits your genre, style, and budget.  We can also coordinate your campaign to coincide with all other marketing and promotion efforts ...  and the all important distribution channels.


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