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Effective Online Publicity for the Indie Artist
   on a Shoestring Budget

As every independent artist or band knows, it's difficult to market and promote your project with little money.  Inexpensive or free self-promotion techniques can be effective to a degree but most times it's just not enough to bring the awareness to your project that you need, or to lift your career to the next level.  There comes a time when you have done all that you can do and the time is right to hand off some of the promotional work to a seasoned professional with major industry contacts.  But how do you afford this?  Well we have some good news for you. 

Ariel Publicity, a Music PR firm with an 11-year history of delivering results for independent musicians has recently launched a new service to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the Music Business and the Independent Artist and band.. It's called Cyber PR and it works like a matchmaking site for artists that expose you to online PR opportunities.


 Ariel Cyber PR banner 10 120x240 



If you are doing your own music publicity, all of your press, bios, and all other marketing products need to be professionally developed and written.  Take a look at our full list of publicity writing services

Ariel’s Cyber PR is an online PR campaign custom designed for each artist based on musical genre, hometown and touring markets. And, because the whole thing is based online they charge 1/10 of what the average national PR firm charges.

They will send artist’s custom built VPK (includes bio, Web & MySpace URLs, photo, influences, and 1 MP3 that is both stream able and downloadable) to thousands of potential coverage websites including:

• Internet Radio Stations
• Podcasters
• Online Music Magazines
• Blogs, Vlogs & Audioblogs
• Music Directories
• Social Networking Sites
• Lifestyle Sites
• Regional Sites (your hometown)
• Video Upload Sites
• Tour Dates Sites (your gigs)
• Newspapers, Magazines and College outlets in all Tour Markets

Ariel music publicity provides each website with a username and login where they can maintain their personal profile and set the criteria that they wish to receive (genre, region, category).  Each outlet is invited to leave feedback for the artist by clicking on one button.  They are also invited to request a full CD if they want to hear more music.  CDs only get sent to the outlets that request them saving the artist a fortune in postage and materials.

The artist also gets a profile page, username and a password to your dashboard where you can track your results in real time, check out special discount opportunities for music related services and be introduced to the Ariel Publicity of charities that you can help.

Cyber PR will also build profiles in the top 10 Social Networking sites online today (Yes there is a lot of life outside of MySpace) as well as submit your music to Film and TV placement companies that could leverage placements.  Cyber PR also sets up contests for online prize package CD & t-shirt giveaways and sets artists up for feature interviews, phoners, live in studios and Q&As when requested.

Each Full Cyber PR campaign lasts 3 months and the fee is: $950.00

If you are interested they will send you a full proposal that outlines in more detail what they can do for you.  Just click on the banner below for all the details:

 Ariel Cyber PR banner 10 120x240 

If you are doing your own music publicity, all of your press, bios, and all other marketing products need to be professionally developed and written.  Take a look at our full list of publicity writing services

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