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As an Independent Artist or Band, getting your music reviewed on important Internet and Print music magazines, getting feature articles and favorable quotes, and sending out press releases to national and international music editiors announcing your new album or your tour can be one of the most important things that can be done to create awareness for your band and/or new album and ultimately advance your career, and significantly beef up your press kit.  All this is geared to creating national exposure and expanding your fan base nationally or internationally, and selling records.

AMEG with it's vast music media connections facilitates successful music media campaigns.  We can tailor a campaign to fit your particular genre, needs, and budget , or through our consulting service package, we can help you find just the right music publicist that's right for you. We will also develop and write stand alone publicity pieces for you such as your Bios, press releases, and all other publicity related writing service.  You can view a full list of publicity writing here. 

"Without Publicity a Terrible Thing Happens, Nothing"
  - Circus Legend, P.T. Barnum -

A typical DIY publicity campaign should go something like this

Professionally write your biography:   Write a professional bio or have one written for you.  Here is a sample of a professionally written biography 

Professionally prepare your press and media kit.  This should consist of your bio, and 8" x 10" professional promotional photograph,  siginificant press clips, a tour history, and your professional demo or album.  A three song professionally labeled demo is probably your best bet.  A digital press kit on CD which contains multiple photos and press is another way to go.
Our associate, and music marketing expert, Bob Baker has put together this dynamite resource that  can help you immensley in putting together your killer press kit

Professionally write your press releases:  Sent out to the appropriate music editors.  The release needs to be in the proper format and professionally written.  It must also be newsworthy in order for the music editors to want to publish it.  Here is a sample professional press release and an excellent press release distribution service that will get your release to the right editor.

Solicit feature articles, CD Reviews, and Interviews.  Now the work truly begins.  You need to create a database of all your genre rellated web portals, and music media outlets that feature artists in your niche.  Contact each one, preferably by email, or by physically mailing out your press kit or online link to request a feature article, interview and review of your record.  You must be extremely patient.   The process can take many months. These outlets receive hundreds of submission a week.  They won't accept all submissions or review everything but if your package, music, and image stand out, you have a good chance of being selected.  Check out each media outlet or websites submission policy prior to submitting.  This is important.  If you don't follow their guidelines, this can piss them off.  Your chances then can be slim to none. If guidelines allow, follow up in about a month.

Doing your own publicity can be an extremely time consuming endeavor  for sure.  But if you do it systematically, a little each day, you can get the job done.  A lot of very serious independent artists who are lucky enough to have a few dollars on promotion marketing, and publicity have found that hiring a publicist to do all this can alieviate a lot of frustration.  Not only can they spend their time on the all important creative end of their career ...  writing, touring, and development, a good publicist has all the journalist connections right at hand and can assure far more features, qiotes, and reviews.  In essence, they get your material in the right hands.

Music publicists, especially the music industry heavyweights that can and will actually do something for you can be very expensive ranging from $3000. to $5000/month for a high power firm.   AMEG and it's associated publicists are painfully aware that this is a ton of money and often cost-prohibitive for struggling Independent Artists.  AMEG caters to the Indie Artist.  This is why you will no-doubt find the rates of the music publicists we associate with far lower than most.  The services of our network of publicists for the DIY, and independent artists is extremely effective while very inexpensive ...  they are priced to fit the INDIE MUSICIAN  on a showstring budget.  You may want to at least consider checking out their music publicity services and rates.


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