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What do you get when
you work with a Grammy
nominated engineer/producer,
an artist development  expert,
and music promotion
& marketing wiz
... ALL with MAJOR Track
Records of success ?


Work with grammy nominated engineer and producer David Ivory
David Ivory    BIO >>
music industry A&R contact directory
Grammy Nominated Producer

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Want to work with 
David and his team?
AMEG can make the connection. 
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Music Producers

AMEG Works closely with, and connect you with many of the best

AMEG and it's associated Music Production Company Ambush Productions has both in-house production company staff, and close associations with many well known talented record producers with extremely impressive track records and major hits.

As your A&R Services and Artistís Representative, AMEG will help in the selection process of the right music producer for your particular music production project.  Placing your band or you, as an artist, with just the right music producer can be an extremely vital step in the advancement of your career.  AMEG works closely with the industry's top producers.  Many of our associated record producers and recording engineers have been responsible for the  music recording, production, and engineering effort for various records and famous artists.  Some of our music producer associates have worked with and helped advance the careers of many superstar recording artists such as Nsnyc, Fruit, Not Alone, Enrique Inglesias,  Cassidy, Bernie Worrell (Paramount Funkadelics, Talking Heads, etc.), Michael Sembello, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle, The Roots, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears,  The Cranberries, Bunny Seigler, and Halestorm only to name a few.


Our good friend and Associate .... Grammy Nominated Record Producer/Engineer
David Ivory
in his production studio

AMEG is a voting menber of

The initiative begins with the production of your music demo.  A highly talented music producer's involvement is crucial to the success of the recording.  After all, if the demo is not of professional quality and arrangement, it will be most difficult to take the demo to the next level; ďA recording contract and record deal with a Major or Indie label.  In the recording studio our associated producers will assist in the music arrangements, instrumentation, and selecting and arranging the right songs.  Their expertise in various recording techniques such as CD Mastering, digital CD mastering and CD duplication is top level only.  They will basically run the session. 

Do you have what it takes to work with David Ivory?  AMEG can make the connection.

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While many artists insist on a high degree of involvement in the production of their record, it is important to remember, that new artists just entering the scene should adhere to most of the direction given by the producer.  These are the pros, the folks who have proven track records and know what it takes to make a hit record in a music studio.  Artistís input is of course important as well and always plays a large roll in any project.

Best Selling Recording Artist and award winning record Producer .. Our long-time friend and associate

AMEG works closely with our  record producer associates to place artists with those producers with major records of success.  We can negotiate a production deal which in essence is as good as if not better than a straight record deal with one of our major record label associates.  Many of our music producer associates are already signed to major record labels as agents to bring them completed projects and artists that ulimately wind up being released by the labels. Our producer associates will assist with your demo recording and have been responsible for the signing of artists to  major record labels such as Atlantic, DefJam, "J" Records and Columbia just to name a few.   AMEG can connect you with these successful independent record producers and famous record producers if the product is right, either under management or on an independent consultative basis. 

It may be time to get out of the home recording studio and get yourself or your band into a full fledged music recording studio with a real CD mastering engineer.  A good music production deal with one of our top music producer associates can be as good if not better then a record deal and just you ticket to the labels.  Our associate music video production associates can assist in the production of a professional MTV grade music video as well.

Find Contact Information for well Known Record Producers

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