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Writing Your Music Marketing Plan

Prepare your plan to lay out your promotional
approach and to attract Investors

Your music marketing plan is essential in your overall strategy for success.    The music marketing plan will be used to lay out your plan of action for marketing you or your band but it can also be used for seeking the "ALL IMPORTANT" investment money that can be used for serious promotion.  This being said you should include elements that may not be pertinent to you or the band as ways to promote yourself but what you'll have is an overall music marketing plan that can assist greatly in attracting investment backers in your project and career. Having serious money behind you gives you a major advantage over most other indie artists.  If you can get it ...  you should jump for joy and be extremely grateful because it means your chances increase immensely.

In the following video clip, Jerry Goolsby professor of music marketing in the music industry program at Loyola University explains why you need a music marketing plan, and why it's so important:

There are two categories in which you should write your marketing plan ...  One being the band itself or Development as an artist.  The other is how you plan to market, promote and sell your product ..  your record and merchandise.

Anatomy of a Solid Music Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan includes the following elements.  Ask yourself first, where do you want to be in 6 months, one year, and 3 years as an artist or band.  Be clear, truthful, realistic, and concise, with yourself.  Write it down

The music marketing plan should be professionally laid out and prepared mainly because you may want to use this to entice potential investors.  Search your soul and intend ended project projections.  First things first ....  You must come up with a realistic and honest budget projection.  Just how much investment money will you need for your release?  Don't go bonkers here ... Be honest.  Acquiring too much funding can result in extravagant spending.  Spending money on things that you really do not need.  This will result in an overall plan that can be used to employ your plan of attack and also attract investors.  Some of the elements of your plan should include the following:

Professor Goolsby explains how to develop a
solid music marketing plan in this brief video clip

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Remember, here's what you need:

A band member summary:
Each band memberís individual bio outlining their musical background and experience.  Mainly their strong points that will help persuade potential investors that investing in these people's career will bring them an ROI (Return on Investment)

The Challenge:
A brief summary of the product ... "You/Band as an Artist", the record that is to be promoted, and associated goals such as record sales you project that you will receive, and other strategic goals.

Band or Artist Analysis:
The bands primary focus, strengths and weaknesses.

Fan Base Analysis:
Number of fans, demographic of fans.  Strategies planned for increasing your fan base.

Competition Analysis:
Strengths and weaknesses.  Describe how much of a market share you plan to gain.

Music Industry Climate
Describe the current state of the music industry in your particular market and how you plan to overcome any strategic barriers

Marketing Strategies:
Describe all the music marketing methods you plan to employ such as your publicity plans, plans for gaining radio play.  How you plan to market and distribute your product.  Then write down the marketing strategies you plan on employing in the order of implementation.  Note under each category the methods you'll use, how you plan to finance them, resources you will use for the strategy, if you are in a band you may want to share the duties so you must write down the delegation process. 

Don't forget to project budget numbers for all your marketing and promotion plans.  This is vitally important both for yourself as an artist for obvious reason, and for investors. 

Writing a great and effective marketing plan can be a challenge.  Employ all the resources at your disposal to make sure that what you are writing is realistic and will be effective in attaining your goals and attracting investment money.

Most importantly .... Follow the Plan.  There no use in taking the enormous amount of time it will take to gather the necessary information and writing the plan unless you use it.  Good luck.

If you would like help in researching, preparing, and writing an effective music marketing plan, our music business writers can help. 


Click Here for details on development and writing your marketing plan


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