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Indie Music Roundtable.  A series of informative and interactive indie musician tele-seminars featuring music industry professionals.

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A series of informative and interactive tele-seminars geared toward the success of the indie artist. Hosted by Ken Cavalier




What do you get when
you work with a Grammy
nominated engineer/producer,
an artist development  expert,
and music promotion
& marketing wiz
... ALL with MAJOR Track
Records of success ?


Work with grammy nominated engineer and producer David Ivory
David Ivory    BIO >>
music industry A&R contact directory
Grammy Nominated Producer

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

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David and his team?
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Music Marketing and Promotion Books, Services, and Resources

For Unsigned and Independent Artists


Proven Music Marketing & Promotion Resources
that will help to accelerate your music career

Bob Baker's Best Selling Products
Bob Baker is an author, musician, actor and artist who is dedicated to helping creative people of all kinds get exposure, connect with fans, and increase their incomes through their artistic passions.

Some of Bob's Best Selling resources include:

"Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook   Best Seller
"Unleash the Artist Within"
"Branding Yourself Online"
"Myspace Music Marketing"
"Music Marketing Crash

And many more books and audio resources ......
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To See Them All

View indie artist's
video reviews of Bob's products

turbo charge your
                       indie career 

Planning a tour and getting more shows

Indie Venue Bible  Finally ...  26,000 venues and over 2000 booking agents listed
Online Gigs    Quickly and easily automate your booking and promotional process

Music Industry Contact Directories

A&R Registry ....Find every Major and Indie Label A&R Rep's full contact information.
Film & TV Guide ..... License your songs to Film & TV.  Every contact detail you'll ever need to get your music heard.
The Music Publisher's Registry ... Find contacts and details for every major and independent music publisher
Producer's Directory... This directory is no longer available

Music Attorney's Registry .... Find the industry's leading Entertainment Attorneys and Record label legal Depts

Galaris Musicians Directory    Find the contact you are looking for in less than 5 seconds
Discover thousands of places to promote your music and get the contacts you need in the music industry with The Galaris Music Industry Directory. Just point and click to email or visit the site of the contact you need - right from your computer desktop!

Demo and Album Assessments
Submit by mail or request an online review of up to 5 songs. 
Your music demo will be meticulously reviewed by one of our veteran A/R Staff members or associates using our detailed proprietary 12 point system (utilizing the exact same guidelines that major record label A&R Departments and Record Producers use to evaluate their demo CD submissions).  You will receive a fully comprehensive and detailed written demo CD evaluation report from us with a full critique via email within 6-8 weeks from the date we receive it or within 3 weeks from the date we receive it if you choose Priority Submission.  Sample Assessment Report

Testimonials and the full details

Demo and CD submission 
Submit your demo or completed album to AMEG for consideration of:
Roster Management / Consulting, A&R Demo Shopping, Distribution,
Development and recording package with David Ivory.
Click Here for submission guidelines

The Bandit A&R Newsletter
ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Record,
Publishing, Management and Licensing deal worldwide, especially in the UK
and USA? Each month the
BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features
on Labels, Publishers, Managements etc looking to sign acts, songs or
masters.  Get yourself a

Protect your Songs and Intellectual Works


Music Industry Yellow Pages

   Online Subscription 
Service to all Directories

Music Industry Related Copywriting Services for Indie Artists

Music marketing, music promotion articles, tips, and stratigies for independent music success

> Biographys
> Press Releases
> Marketing Plans
> Press Kits
> One-Sheets
> Web Content

You name it
Our pros write it ....

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Electronic Press Kits
Sonicbids helps bands get gigs. Sign up now, free.

Fan Mailing List Management

Do your own Publicity and P/R
Indie Bible   Promote your music, get reviews, publicity, radio play and more ..... 

Affordable Cyber Publicity  Have a pro do it affordably

 Ariel Cyber PR banner 10 120x240 

Artist Development for the Indie Artis

Artistopia Music


Digital Music Distribution


Music Industry Contracts & Agreements  Save money on Attorneys and cover your butt
All Music Industry Contracts

Start Your Own Record Label (make all the profits)
The Ultimate Record Label

Gear & Equipment
Zzounds   Best prices on name brand gear

The Ultimate Music Industry Power Pack
This complete package includes everything you need
A bundle of eBooks, software, and directories.  This includes 101 Music Business Contracts software, volumes 1-6 of The Industry Yellow Pages (which reveals insider contact information to succeeding in the music business), and countless other eBooks and valuable reports
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