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Songwriting 101
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The indie bible is the industry directory of music contacts, CD review sites, and music publicity
The Indie Bible
The bible of contacts, P/R, & Review sites for the DIY Indie-Artist

killer music press kit tips

Have a Great Music Marketing Resource or Service to Offer

Internet advertising for music industry services and resources

Reach thousands of Independent Artists monthly
for a song

MySpace - If you do it right,
it can help explode your career

MySpace Music Marketing

The Galaris music industry of contacts.

Discover thousands of places to promote your music and get the contacts you need in the music industry with The Galaris Music Industry Directory. Just point and click to email or visit the site of the contact you need - right from your computer desktop!


Please!   Don't take your press kit lightly!   It needs to be  as Professional as possible

Tips for creating a
press kit that works !

Record deal ?



Marketing & Promoting Your Music, and Yourself 

The Life Blood of your Music Career

Digital and Traditional Music Marketing 

Marketing and Promoting You as an Artist, Your Latest Release, and Your Tour...........

The music and record industry is changing day by day.  The times when artists depended on major record labels to sign them and market their music and image are just about over.  Excuse me ... "They Are Over".  Today is the day of the independent artist.  Things have actually changed for the better though.  The playing field is now level and every artist has the exact same chance as the next to be reconized ....  it all depends on who works the hardest on the promotion and marketing end of their career.  With the proper resources, hard work, luck, and possibly a little counsel from a professional source, artists today can empower themselves and basically control their own destiny.

Marketing your music and yourself as an independent artist doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be effective.  You need to set your goals then lay out a music marketing plan to reach them.  Writing your marketing plan is your first line of business.  If you need help with this, AMEG has been marketing independent artists for decades, and has the business expertise to help you write your music marketing plan.  There are also many inexpensive resourses that can lay out step by step ...  How to set your goals and write your plan of action.  Our staff has reviewed the large majority of them and highly recommend (Hands Down) our associate, Bob Baker's, best selling book Guerrilla Marketing Handbook.  Bob is an expert in his field and has written many best selling, highly informative resources to assist and empower the independent artist in their quest for success.  The handbook illustrates 201 ways to turbo charge your indie career.  It's one of the best music marketing and music promotion resources available.

Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club

Whether you write your own music marketing plan or engage the assistance of a music marketing specialist, setting your goals and having a plan is essential to your success.  If you decide to have your plan initiated by a professional, AMEG will consult with you and gather all the necessary details necessary to prepare and write your marketing plan,  AMEG also provide valuable hands on marketing services.  Essentially, we act as your artist manager/consultant and facilitate your marketing and promotion ... all consistent with the duties of an Artist Manager.  For more details on how AMEG can help to rapidly advance your music career, take a look at our management and marketing consultant services.  AMEG has helped many independent artists to get on the right career track and keep moving forward.


Here are some tips to help you get started if you're doing it yourself.

First of all, I think we all are aware at how powerful the Internet is in today's music promotion environment.  If you are not, you should be.  There is a ton of ways to promote your music on the Internet. Just because you put up a website or a myspace site that's not the end of the road.  That's only the beginning.  Having a website means absolutely nothing unless you promote it, and promote the music on it.

There are many strategies for increasing your fan base, selling records and digital downloads, and creating awareness for your project.  One of the best selling resources for the artist doing it all themself is by far the Indie Bible.  Another is this nifty little resource - The Galaris Musicians Online Directory.  You can literally point and click, email venues, labels, etc directly right from your desktop with this resource. It's every music marketer's dream. You can find it at

How to apply traditional marketing strategies to your music marketing efforts. 

Jerry Goolsby, professor of Music Industry Studies at Loyola University, tells a bit about music marketing as it compares to traditional marketing in this short video clip: 

There are quite literally thousands of online and traditional music media outlets listed with all contact info for you to get your record reviewed, and gain massive exposure. The problem with doing it all yourself is that most Independent Artists don't even know where to begin, don't have the time, or basically just have no clue.  First thing is first.  You must write your music marketing plan, put together a killer press kit, have a professionally recorded demo or mastered record.  There are also many very good services online that can help and do most of the work for you if you are in DIY mode.  Services that will submit your music for feature articles, interviews, and Internet radio play.  We recommend and have found that doing your Music Promotion with!  is an extremely cost effective way to gain promotion for your project.   You should also consider engaging a good publicist.   We have worked with one that is very inexpensive yet very effective.  We highly recommend this publicity firm's services. They specialize in cyber publicity for independent artists, have over 14,000 available resources and contacts that they will promote your project to, and you actually have a real professional person (Yes A Human Being) working on your behalf. 

Free Bandit A&R newsletter

ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Record, Publishing, Management and Licensing deal worldwide, especially in the UK and USA? Each month the BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features on Labels, Publishers, Managements etc looking to sign acts, songs or
Get yourself a


On the Inernet, some of the tactics you can employ are as follows:

First:  Prepare your plan of action

1. Have your CD and music reviewed with  Music Promotion with!
2. Podcasts and Internet radio play
Interviews, feature articles, and press
4. Banner ads, and digital promotional flyers
5. Fanzines,
webzines, and Internet Blog exposure
6. Online music forums and chat rooms
7. Keeping in touch with your fans via your Email newsletter

Artistopia Music

8. Seriously
marketing your myspace website
9. Post your music video on
10. Brand yourself online
11. Engage an inexpensive but effective
music publicist

Expose Yourself
Internet advertising for music industry related producted and services

To Over 10,000 Musicians and Independent Artists Monthly For a Song


music promotion on the Internet

Go here for more details on  How to promote your music online

Traditional marketing methods ..... "A horse of a different color":

1. Implementing a traditional print publicity campaign
2. Engaging in a radio promotion campaign
3. Seeking and putting
In-Store retail distribution in place
4. Constantly touring and performing nationally or at least regionally
5. Street team and
guerilla marketing tactics
6. Solicit media publications for features and interviews

1200 music business contacts.

In order to implement a traditional marketing campaign, be prepared to put out some bucks.  The good thing about Internet marketing is that it's far less expensive but still captures a significant audience.  Both of these methods take time, knowledge and expertise.  You can take the time away from your creative activities to learn how to do it right, or you can engage a music industry marketing and promotion consultant to assist and advise you.  Either way, you've got to do something if you want your music career to amount to anything.  Remember "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil".  Don't let your music career "Pass you by Like a Ship in the Night"  Do Something NOW before it's too late or your day job awaits you!

Frustrated?  Need help?  Let us know ...  Our expertise will alleviate your frustrations.

Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook




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