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ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Record, Publishing, Management and Licensing deal worldwide, especially in the UK and USA? Each month the BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features on Labels, Publishers, Managements etc looking to sign acts, songs or
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ilm & TV Guide.  Get your music into film or Television
The Film & Television
Guide .....
The only directory of its kind ... Lists every single movie and TV contact person you need to get your music heard and considered for
film or TV.

music publishers, how to get a song published, sell my song, music licensing, song publisher
The Music Publisher's Registry .....
All the music publisher's contact information
you'll ever need to get your music to the right people

music attorney, entertainment attorney
The Music Attorney and Legal Business Guide ....
Find music and entertainment attorneys and legal business departments.



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 The Indie Venue Bible
 The Galaris Musicians Directory
 Bob Baker's Resources
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Independent  A&R Services

If and only if ---- your record is up to snuff, we will consider shopping it

One of AMEG's core functions is Artist & Repertoire ... Artist's music promotion, and career advancement, connecting aspiring artists who feel they want a record deal for whatever reason with an indie or major record label.  Needless to say A&R Services are what we do on a day to day basis for our artists under contract to us.
However, over the years we have found that there are many unsigned artists out there ...  MANY .... who are really in need of of these
A&R Services but have either found that it's not easy to get a bonafide artist management  or band management agency's interest or they are not ready to commit to a contract just yet.  Never the less, without professional marketing, public relations, music promotion, concert exposure, and access to music industry professionals with the "JUICE" to make it happen, they probably never will.  They remain constantly frustrated and need to get the question "How to get a record deal" answered.  Sort of a catch-22 isn't it?  AMEG distributes this nifty free tip sheet "What Labels Really Want" monthly to independent artists.  Find out what they are really looking for.

One way of getting around this is obviously for the artist to do it all themselves.  This seems to be the trend with todays indie bands.  There was a time when it was a no-no for artists to submit unsolicited material to labels but the labels - what's left of them are a little more open to it these days.  However, you need to do your research and find out which labels accept your genre, exactly what labels are looking for, and have accurate record label contact information and submission guidelines.   The most complete and comprehensive directory that will give you all the label A&R contact information, including the A&R representative's title, assistant, record label address, telephone, email address, and submission guidelines, etc. is hands down, the music industry's definitive bible of label contacts, the A&R Registry.  You can order the reasonably priced print directory or subscribe online to a subscription service, RecordXpress that gives you all the information pretty much updated on a daily basis.  With the frequent changes in the record industry today, this is becoming even more popular.  Also available are directories that provide all the contact information for Film & TV contacts, Music Publisher Contacts, and Entertainment Attorneys.  These directories furnish everything the independent artist needs to shop their music, songs, and gain legal advice.  Click here to get the details on all of the directories.

Are you ready to submit a package to a major record label?   Is your demo all that it can be?    You have one shot at a record deal.  Our valuable critique and tips have helped many of artists assure that their demo is ready for submission.

Lowest Price anywhere

There are a ton of unsigned bands, performing unsigned artists and songwriters that find it almost impossible to get the representation or music connections they need which will enable them to advance their music career to the next level.  They may very well have some potential and be ready for a record deal, but most management companies and production companies ...  at the least the one's with industry juice that can honestly do something for them, are not interested in investing artist development  time and money into these acts.  The investment just doesn't seem worthwhile.  Especially when these professional agencies don't make a dime until the band breaks through.

music industry contact, record label address, record label contact, music promotion, music marketing, record label address
The A&R Registry ......
All the record label A&R
contact information
you'll ever need to get your music to the right people


In order for an artist management company, independent record label - major record label, or record producer to speculate with an unsigned artist and invest their valuable time and money they literally have to be blown away!  Believe it ...  BLOWN AWAY IS AN UNDER STATEMENT ... and this is quite rare.  This has left many unsigned bands and unsigned artists basically "sucking wind" ...  between a rock and a hard place.  Constantly frustrated because they really believe in themselves as do many of their fans, but can't get the right people to believe in them.


Over the years this has become very obvious to AMEG.  Most of us here were at one time struggling musicians ourselves and it bothers us to see artists with potential fall into this senerio for lack of music marketing and music promotion.  So, we decided that maybe it's time to do something to help the independent musician and independent artist
It all began one day in a meeting when one of our bright young A&R Services staff members came up with an idea.  "Why not offer the exact same promotional services and guidance we do as managers for our artists under contract to other unsigned artists who have potential.  But instead of signing them to an artist manager contract, we do it on an independent consultative basis?


Even when they're not under management contract.  This would benefit unsigned artists and unsigned bands who find it difficult to get artist management attention or don't want to sign a contract just yet.  Who knows, we may just develop the act to the point where they are ready for professional management and a record deal.  And it just may benefit our company in the long run."

Our Executive VP was at that meeting and the rest is now history.  Artist consulting is quickly becoming the trend in the music industry for independent artists.  Hence .... AMEG and consultative artist's services division was born and  independent services are now offered to artists with no long term contract commitment in the following categories:

If you would like us to your demo or full length CD reviewed for possible consideration into our demo shopping program click here for our submission guidelinesThis is a fee based service for artists not under contract.  We will only shop demos that we feel are worthy.  Our reputation with the our label associates is far too important to us.  If you would like your demo/record, image, and overall development level evaluated by our professional Independent A&R staff through our 12 point system with full comprehensive return report prior to your submission to record labels,  music publishers, or film and TV supervisors, click here.


Click here to learn more about our Artist Management Consulting Services.


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ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer??
Looking for a Record, Publishing, Management and Licensing
deal worldwide, especially in the UK and USA? Each month the
BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features on Labels,
Publishers, Managements etc looking to sign acts, songs or
masters. Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE COPY

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