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Indie Musician Tele-Seminars

Featuring Music Industry Producers, Labels, Attorneys, Publicists, etc.

Indie Music Success Tele-Seminars


AMEG will soon be introducing and hosting a  series of free comprehensive tele-seminars hosted by AMEG President, Music Marketer, and Artist Manager, Ken Cavalier.  Get all your questions answered and  be a part of these highly interactive and informative sessions.

Featuring Appearances By:

Grammy Nominated Producer:  David Ivory (Atlantic Records)
Entertainment Attorney:  Simon Rosen (Cassidy, Areosmith)
Label President and Producer:  Joe Mattis (Island Records)
A&R Representative:  Casey Alrich (Indie A&R Rep)
 Film & TV Music Supervisor:  Joel Korn (Universal)
Published Songwriter: Chris Sannino
(Warner Chapell)


 Regional and national promotors and booking agents
 Music Marketing and Promotion Specialists
 Publicists, and Music Media Relation Experts
 Radio Promotion People
 Internet Music Promotion Personel
Music Festival Organizers
 Music Music Publishers

Featuring guest appearances by successful independent bands

Topics will include:

:: Marketing and promoting your music as an independent artist
:: What record labels are really looking for and how to achieve it
:: How to properly submit your music to film and TV, for licensing
:: How to sell your music and make a living from it
:: Physical CD and Digital music distribution techniques
:: Regional and National Touring strategies
:: Songwriting strategies, tips, and resources
:: Music  and Entertainment Law issues

:: And plenty more ...............

Here's a way to connect with the music industry professionals and get all your questions about marketing and promoting your indie career answered.  Maybe you have something to offer as well.  Stay tuned ... We will be announcing the date and time of our first event very soon.  If you would like to receive an email when we have posted the topics, times, and dates for the tele-seminars,
contact us and let us know.


The Ultimate Music Industry Power Pack


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