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Artist management consultants for the indie artist
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Artist development.  for the unsigned artist
Professional Music Related Copywriting Services for the Indie Artist
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A-La Carte Interim Artist  Management-Consultants

For the Indie Artist who needs a Manager but wants his Independence

Introducing ........
Independent Artist Management-Consulting, Representation, Music Marketing and
Music Promotion Ala' Carte Services for the Independent or DIY Artist  Montly management consulting or By The Hour 

the idea .......  a novel idea that's long overdue
Short term Independent Management/Consulting, Professional Representation, and Promotion to get your career on track from Long-Time Music Industry Management Professionals to help you achieve your career goals and remain independent from the grips of a management firm.

With NO percentage ownership in your life as an artist

Ever wonder why it seems to be so difficult to advance your music career to the next level as an independent artist or band?  Why some artists are getting massive media coverage, radio play, myspace plays, and drastically increasing their fan base on a daily basis, and selling records and digital downloads like they're going out of style?  And ultimately ...... gaining the attention of the record labels?  Well it's really a total no-brainer .... they have the benefit of advice and counsel of a well connected artist manager/publicist or independent promotion consultant and marketing expert ... one with serious experience, contacts, and industry juice.

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management-consultant can do for your career

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AMEG is a well connected Artist Management & Consulting firm guiding the careers of signed, established and unsigned Artists and bands at various levels of development.   A music industry powerhouse with some of the strongest contacts in the industry since 1983 adapting to the constant changes in the recording and music business.  AMEG has proven success and is totally dedicated to advancing the career of the independent Artist and Band.


In today's music industry environment, the days when well connected high powered artist managers with major juice signed independent artists, with limited artist development, to their roster on a commission basis are all but over.  Today is the day of the Independent Do-It-Yourself  Artist whereby the Artist must pretty much promote, market, and publicize themselves.  The unfortunate thing is that without being aligned with a high powered, well connected manager or consulting firm with the connections and juice, it's extremely difficult to succeed.  AMEG, formally managing roster based artists on a commission basis only has come to understand this over the years and has adapted their management services to accomodate the independent artist who is just not yet at an acceptable level of development to be added to the roster.  Or who is not yet ready to commit to a management contract. Allure's President also offers offers stand-alone one-on-one personal consulting and coaching by telephone or email. This allows them to remain independent while benefiting from the counsel and assistance of a well connected professional artist management consulting firm, and utilization of the well connected firm's vast network of music industry resources.


When it comes to the Artist it should be all about the music, songwriting, and performance … period!  You need to leave the business, promotion, development, and marketing to the professionals who have been there ….. done that …... and have the industry juice to GET IT DONE.  AMEG, it's staff and associates, will only work with Artists and Bands that we feel sure have the songs, image, and serious break-through potential. 

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Some Advice for The Indie Artist


 Our job as your short term independent manager, promoter, and consultant, is to help you create a solid and marketable independent foundation and properly develop, prepare, and make certain you’re really ready for the big time and for us to present you to the labels .. or better yet … create such a buzz that the labels take notice of you and they’re the ones who actually make the approach. We educate our artists on what to do … and how to do it …  If you choose our ultimate Icon Plan, we are not just consultants that provide limited services and consultation .. We act as your manager and professional representative.  Basically we are your manager, there for you for the period of time that you need us to get your career off the ground or to the next level. 


There are a multitude of books, eBooks, and DIY kits published with the same theory …  many written by our associates and staff members,  some are excellent,  BUT a book is just no substitute for having an actual hands-on manager/consultant;  “A Real Person” who is there to professionally reresent you, motivate and educate you, and guide your career.  Depending upon the level of the ala carte independent artist management service you choose, we’ll not only personally teach you and mentor you in what you’ll find in those books, but we can actually perform the services and professionaly represent you.


As your short term band manager-consultant, our services are fee based … we do not take a percentage share in your overall career during your quest or once you make the big time.  You get the best of both worlds …. An extremely well connected management team getting you where you want to go, and zero commitment.  Geographical location is not a barrier to our services.  At the termination of our consulting period , when the artist has reached an acceptable level of development, we may consider the artist for addition to our management roster on a commission basis once we have proven ourself to the artist and when it's obvious that we can get the job done.


There are many Independent Artists who understand the philosophy of the music industry today, and they take the bull by the horns and self-promote their butt off. with the assistance and education they obtain from high quality music marketing resources.  If done diligently and properly and the songs, image and everything is hot …   IT CAN WORK.  In lieu of professional assistance, it’s really the only way today for the indie-artist to create a buzz, sell records, and advance your career as an independent Artist in today’s ever changing music industry environment.  But a few of the obstacles that stand in their way are the time and effort, lack of industry contacts, and just basically not even knowing where to begin. 


We have two management/consulting plans available to the independent artist.  We can also tailor a plan to fit your particular situation and budget.  Take a look at how AMEG may be able to eliminate your frustrations and seriously accelerate your career as an independent artist.. 

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Artist management consultants for the indie artist

Artist management consultants for the indie artist
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