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Music marketing, music promotion articles, tips, and stratigies for independent music success
Indie Music Career
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A series of informative and interactive tele-seminars geared toward the success of the indie artist. Hosted by Ken Cavalier



Music Career How-To Articles and Tips

From  Leading Indie Music Marketing Experts

 Music marketing, music promotion articles, tips, and stratigies for independent music success articles & Video Interviews

Anatomy of an Independent Artist   

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How to beat the labels at their own game

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Is an Artist Management Consultant the Answer?

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The hit song puzzle .. secrets revealed

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How to find an investor whose willing to
financially back your music career

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How to write your music marketing plan   Read Article >>
The True Meaning of Indie  Read Article >>
Expand your definition of live performance  Read Article >>
How to feed your music career,
yourself, and lose the day job
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How to Get a Record Deal

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Why the music media needs you  Read Article >>
The keys to your own record label  Read Article >>
Music Marketing lesson from an 8-year old  Read Article >>
How to get more music fans .. Faster  Read Article >>
Outrageous music marketing ideas  Read Article >>
The power of personality in music promotion  Read Article >>
Formulating your best music promotion plan  Read Article >>
What do you sound like?  Read Article >>
How to write a great song  Read Article >>
A secret to my success  Read Article >>
How do you unleash your talents?  Read Article >>
The first question you must answer
when promoting your music
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The ultimate music business
conspiracy theory

The true meaning of indie

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Articles In Production
(Some are now available)

       Coming Soon 

How to get more shows and Plan a tour

Article Coming soon

Advanced secrets to major success.
It's all in your mind
Article Coming Soon
How important is your record producer ......
What to look for and how to find the right one
Article Coming Soon
Do you really want a Record Deal? Why you may not. Article Coming Soon
Do you have a killer image?  You'd better! Article Coming Soon
Essential elements of an effective press kit Read Article >>
Should you start your own record label? Article Coming Soon
How to protect your songs & intellectual property Article Coming Soon
How important is your live performance? Article Coming Soon
How do you know when it's time for a manager? Article Coming Soon
ASCAP or BMI ...  Which one should it be? Article Coming Soon
How to market and promote your indie career

Article Coming Soon

How to get your CD in the right record label hands

Article Coming Soon

How to promote your myspace website

Article Coming Soon

Hoe to build your fan mailing list ... Fast

Article Coming Soon

How to license your songs to film & TV

Article Coming Soon

Is your demo or CD all that it should be?

Article Coming Soon

How you know when you're ready
for a high power manager
Article Coming Soon
Is radio promotion worth the big bucks?

Article Coming Soon

The anatomy of a good press release Article Coming Soon
The truth about finding a booking agent Article Coming Soon 
Is retail in-store distribution a possibility?

Article Coming Soon   

When to hire a music publicist Article Coming Soon  
Is a publishing deal a good alternative?

Article Coming Soon

When to hire a music attorney

Article Coming Soon   

Are you promoting yourself at your shows?

Article Coming Soon

Optimize your official website Article Coming Soon   
A record deal is one thing ... A good one is another Article Coming Soon   
How important is a music video? Article Coming Soon   
Know and use Soundscan Article Coming Soon   
Is a production deal right for you? Article Coming Soon   
Inside Artist Management Article Coming Soon   
Strategies for forming effective street teams Article Coming Soon   
How Important is it to Copyright Your Songs? Article Coming Soon 
Cooperation between Artists- You are all One Article Coming Soon


Music marketing, music promotion articles, tips, and stratigies for independent music success



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