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What do you get when
you work with a Grammy
nominated engineer/producer,
an artist development  expert,
and music promotion
& marketing wiz
... ALL with MAJOR Track
Records of success ?


Work with grammy nominated engineer and producer David Ivory
David Ivory    BIO >>
music industry A&R contact directory
Grammy Nominated Producer

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Want to work with 
David and his team?
AMEG can make the connection. 
Click GO to find out how

The Indie Bible is The bible of contacts, publicity, and review sites for the DIY independent artist
The Indie Bible lists THOUSANDS
of places where you can get your
music REVIEWED and your songs
PLAYED on the radio.
of music are covered!
The contacts listed are music
reviewers and radio personalities
from around the world that will
listen to your music, and if they
like it, will present it to their
readers and listeners.
The Indie Bible shows you where
to promote your music, regardless
of your musical style, and will
save you MONTHS of valuable time!
Truly the Indie musicians Bible for Promotion!!

   The indie venue bible contains over 2000 booking agents and thousands of venues


artist management, and booking agents
FINALLY - The Indie bible
of venues and booking
agents for the indie artist.  Over
26,000 venues and 2000 booking agents.   Everything you need to
book a massive amount
of shows and map out a great tour.
5 out of 5 stars.


The indie venue bible contains over 2000 booking agents and thousands of venues


Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club



Independent  - Artist Management Consulting

Without a Good Consultant on your side,  It's a tough Road

AMEG has been managing and counseling the careers of  signed, unsigned, and independent Artists and Bands in multiple genres of music, at various stages of development for over 25 years.  Managing, developing, and accelerating the careers of our Artists with fortitude and integrity is our core focus.  Our Philosophy for representing our clients is simple and we work and strictly abide by the Music Management Code of Ethics.  As your personal manager or music career consultant we recognize the shift in the music industry which is now geared toward the independent artist, and act as the driving force breaking through the barriers of frustration and difficulty so often encountered by indie artists and bands in the entertainment industry.  We totally believe in and keep fighting for our clients when all others have given up.

This short Video Clip Offers
Some Advice for The Indie Artist

Whether you’re a seasoned professional solo artist, or rock band,  trying to break through and obtain a good recording contract, or just accelerate your music career to the next level as an independent artist making a good living with your music, engaging the right personal manager, or music career consultant, is one of the smartest moves toward success you or your band can take.  If you manage to land the right manager or consultant, they can turn your work into a very lucrative career, and possibly make you very famous.  Not to overuse a cliche, but essentially they can accelerate your career "From Summer Stock to Broadway".   A good manager or what is now more typical in the industry today, an independent consultant ,can be the difference between success or failure.  It is extremely important that you choose the right management consultant, or in most cases, the right manager-consultant choose you.  You really must have something special for a manager or professional management consultant with any clout to give you a shot.


AMEG's seasoned professional and veteran Artist Managers and Consultants can get you in the door of music producers, film and TV directors, major record labels or indie record labels, and help land the right booking agents and concert promoters for concert bookings.  We are career builders.  As your manager or consultant, we work with agents, publicists, media, entertainment attorneys, and record companies to keep your career moving forward. Building a solid foundation, and planting the seeds in your initial stage of development  is crucial in establishing your music career path. 

Artist management


Artist management contract
Booking and
management contracts




Have a Great Music Marketing Resource or Service to Offer

Internet advertising for music industry services and resources

Reach thousands of Independent Artists monthly
for a song








As our Artist's personal manager or independent consultant we are responsible for everything and anything that enhances the development of our performing artist's career. From venue selection, simple staging suggestions, to complex negotiations, to long term career plans, AMEG lives the artist's career every day behind the scenes.  Our commitment to and involvement in our artist's career is one hundred per cent. 

As your personal manager or consultant we act as the driving force breaking through the barriers of frustration and difficulty so often encountered in the entertainment industry by signed and unsigned independent artists.  We totally believe in and keep fighting for our clients when all others have given up.   We utilize every resource at our disposal to help advance our client's music career.  It is important to note however that it is extremely crucial that the lines of communications between the artist and consultant be open at all time.  The artist must communicate all leads and information to enable the management consultant to do his job.  It is also important for the artist to realize the commitment they have with the manager and totally trust their input.  Playing both sides of the field and seeking advice from others during the course of an agreement can only result in ambiguous results and cause problems in the relationship.  Not to mention ultimatly the artist's career becoming a disaster.

At AMEG we believe that the relationship between us as your personal manager or consultant, and you the performing artist is just like a marriage.  The only difference being " We don't screw you, and you don't screw us"  It's extremely important and we work unending to assure that the elements of trust, loyalty, and respect are present at all times within our relationship.  Without this, it would be a bumpy road that we would just as-soon not be involved with.  As an artist, those elements must be present always to keep things moving smoothly and on an upward trend.

Picture a Wagon Wheel

If you picture a wagon wheel. At the very center is the axle.  The axle is the performing artist around which everything revolves. The hub protects and supports the axle.  That is the your personal AMEG management-consultant.  The rim of the wheel is the artist's career which travels on what can often be a bumpy, long, winding road.  Connecting the hub with the rim are many spokes which give the wheel support in different directions.  These are the agents, publicists, attorneys, business managers, and other industry professionals AMEG works with which support our artists on the road to success.

Attorneys  BizManager


Publicist           Agent

AMEG's management and consulting team works diligently to see to it that this wheel is extremely well constructed so our artist's journey can be smooth, speedy and successful.  As artist managers and consultants, it is our job to coordinate all of these services to ultimately navigate our artists to realize their career objectives.

At AMEG, we do not take responsibilities like that lightly, as a prerequisite to employment or association with AMEG, our personal artist managers, personal representatives, and music career consultants must have the broadest of experience in the entertainment industry and strictly adhere to our core philosophy and the industry code of ethics on a daily basis.  As an organization in general, we keep up to date and well informed on industry practices, standards, and regulations.  We are always alert to the constant changes affecting the entertainment industry.  Only with this experience and up to date knowledge can AMEG as a personal Artist Management Company and music career consultating firm be effective and  benefit our Artists under contract and those clients we work with on an independent consulting basis.

Depending upon your level of development, fan base, record sales stats,
AMEG works with Artists in a few capacities.

  1. The unsigned and developing Act:  (looking for and needs career counseling)

  2.  The Baby Act: (may have a small deal, you've possibly assembled a team, you have or are looking for a manager and agent and career direction, counseling, and promotional services.

  3. Established Act:  (You have a manager and agent, have established tours, you've created a buzz, may have a small "record deal" and have achieved some success with an album).

  4. Star Act:  (Do we have to describe this)  Trust us ... if you're reading this, you're not there yet. 

  Commission-Based Roster Management
     For the Established Act or Star Act:   Signed or Unsigned Artists and Bands  that    have arrived at an elevated level in their career.

>>  Have mastered a dynamic stage show, unique and memorable image
>>  Has a very large fan base in the thousands or at least in the hundreds
>>  Has a history of significant independent  record sales with national distribution
>>  Artists and Bands doing significant touring with significant support slots
>>  Signed or has begun to attract Indie, Major label, or national distributor attention
>>  Has significant publicity, press and media exposure and has created a story

If you feel that you or your band meets the requirements listed
and are in need of a professional management firm Click here
for details on how to submit your press kit for roster consideration
If not you may want to consider our management/consulting service.

  Retainer Based Indie Management-Consulting
     For the unsigned and developing act:

No percentage ownership in your life as an artist or long term commitment.

Unsigned  Independent Artists and Bands at a beginning to intermediate stage of development with a decent budget for marketing, promotion, and publicity.

>>  Artists who have or have not recorded an album
>>  Artists with minimal to no record sales
>>  Artists with a minimal fan base
>>  Artists in need of development
>>  Artist and Bands with little tour history

 A-La Carte Interim Management-Consulting 

A seasoned artist manager-consultant guiding your career with no percentage ownership in your life as an artist or long term commitment. Stay Independent and reap the benefits of a well connected manager.

   Music marketing and myusic promotion services for independent artists  


 Music Career Coaching, Counseling,
and Artist Development by the Hour

>> Recommended for the independent artist or band at the early to intermediate stage of development on a shoestring budget.

Telephone, email, or Instant Messanger coaching, consultation. and motivational sessions  Ask an industry veteran artist manager any questions you like regarding the advancement of your independent music career. 

Some issues of discussion might be:
Exactly what record labels are looking for when they sign a new artist, CD Distribution, Digital Distribution, Myspace Marketing, How to start your own record label, How to get Radio Airplay, Artist Development, How to license your songs to film and TV,  Artist Management, Music Marketing, Music Promotion, Performing Rights-Royalties, Music Publicity, Getting more shows, Music Copyrights, Music Producers, Music Publishing  ......

Or any other question you may have regarding your music career or bands music career. 


View a few of our artists

If you have interest in being considered for management.  And you meet the requirements listed in the management services listed above where you have interest.   View our submission guidelines for consideration. 



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