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The Indie Bible
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Artist Development, Recording, and Music Promotion

We Develop Artists ! 

What is Artist Development ? 

Essentially it is everything you need to do as an independent artist to build, promote, and enhance your music career. 

There was a time when major record labels sunk tons of money into an artist to develop their music, and image.  In today's world you'll be hard-pressed to find a major label willing to do this. The music industry environment has changed dramatically.  Labels ...  what's left of them,  put their focus and finances on product development and record sales.  The overall scope of getting signed to a major label has changed.  Today, when a label considers signing a new act, they are looking for artists that already have a solid independent foundation, a story, and the songs and image necessary to make it to the top.   They also look for artists who have a proven track record of significant independent record sales either through a self release or through an independent label.  They want artists that tour extensively and already have a large fan base.

Doesn't seem fair, does it.  You may ask yourself .... How in the world are we going to accomplish all that with little or no money or connections?  The answer is very hard work, and a little knowledge and expertiseIt sure wouldn't hurt to have the advise and counsel of an Artist Development expert either. You must set your goals, lay down a good music marketing and promotion plan and follow it.  In a sense, as an independent artist in todays music industry environment, you have an equal chance of getting where you want to be, as anyone else ..  provided you have the songs, and image.  The playing field has been level'd due to the breakdown of the major record labels and onset of the Internet and the digital world. But you have to deal with the necessity of accomplishing the prerequisites that the majors look for before even considering signing you.

We highly recommend joining an online artist development community.  A good one.  One where you can interact, and are given all the necessary tools you need to achieve your development goals.  Probably one of the very best and one that we recommend to our independent artists on a daily basis is Artistopia - Indie Music Heaven
Artistopia is the place for independent artists to manage and advance their careers via music marketing and productivity tools, peer-to-peer and peer-to-industry collaboration, and fan base ramp-up and communication. Join today for free!  Without a doubt it's one of the best moves you can make to accelerate your indie music career.

Artist Development 101

If you're an independent artist who is not involved with an artist management firm, record producer, or label that actually has a budget for artist development (which is not likely)  you have to stick to that independent route and develop yourself.  When you're on your own like this we highly recommend joining an online artist community that specializes in indie artist development and provides you with all the tools you need to develop and accelerate your independent music career.  The problem is that there are not too many online websites like this.  Well I take that back ... There are many that claim to provide you what you need to develop but just a handful that are actually worthwhile and not scams. 

As an independent artist you must approach your music career as a business.  After all, if you want to make a living at it, that's exactly what it is.  The responsibility for developing yourself as an artist, and developing your records is on you.  Unless you're lucky enough to draw the interest of a well funded, well connected independent record label with decent distribution.  Your hope then would be for the label to put some money into marketing, promotion, development, and tour support.  After which, you have created the necessary awareness for your project, the likleyhood of upstreaming to a major label becomes more realistic.

Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook 

Some aspects of Artist Development that need to be considered:

* Set your goals and write your music marketing plan

* Songwriting ... You must have great songs ... middle of the road songs won't cut it

* Image .... You must have a unique and memorable image

* Live Performance  ... Your live show must be excitingly superior

* Recording, development,  marketing, and distribution of you records

With the astronomical amount of competition out there in the Independent Music Market, it is essential that your music, image, and marketing efforts rise above all the rest to even stand a chance.  Trying to develop yourself and  effectively implement all the strategies that are necessary to stand out from the crowd may be a difficult task.  You may not have all the knowledge, expertise, and connections at hand to properly do this in the professional manner that is necessary.  If you don't you may want to consider engaging the advise and counsel of an artist development professional.  Doing this can reduce mistakes, and seriously speed up your efforts. 

As an artist management, consulting, and development firm, AMEG's professional artist development people can assist you in every aspect of your development.  From counsel and advice, to actual in-studio development sessions, we offer many different options to enhance your development.  Our team consists of music industry veterans, acclaimed music producers, and artist development specialists.  We work closely with you on the creative development of your songs, preparing your music marketing plan, inventing and enhancing your image and live performance, and arranging and tracking your music.

In addition to the all-important artist development aspect of your music career we can provide an overall campaign which not only encompasses your development, but moves further to market and promote the "Ready For Market" product through publicity, media relations, and tour support.  Our consulting service provides you with every aspect of career promotion.

Take a look at the artist development service offered by our team of professionals.


Music Publicity & Development Copywriting Services for Indie Artists

Music marketing, music promotion articles, tips, and stratigies for independent music success

> Biographys
> Press Releases
> Marketing Plans
> Press Kits
> One-Sheets
> CD Reviews
> Web Content

You name it
Our pros write it ....

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What do you get when
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nominated engineer/producer,
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Work with grammy nominated engineer and producer David Ivory
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Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

Music marketing and music promotion.  How to get a record deal.

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David and his team? 
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