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   >> article   

How to Feed your Music Career, Yourself,
and Lose the Day-Job

by Kenny (Sea) Cavalier'


Musicians, Independent Artists ….. Please tell the truth;   Is your day job seriously getting in the way of your music career?  Is having to get up early after a late show to travel into a hum-drum job that you could care less about really starting to annoy you?  All because you must, as everyone else, pay your bills, and subsidize your music marketing efforts.

Being extremely annoying in one thing, but think about the valuable time you’re taking away from your music career advancement, and music marketing & promotion.  Think of all that you could be doing for your music career during the time you are working for the man.


  >> Marketing your myspace site

  >> Putting the logistics together for a good tour

  >> Getting More Shows

  >> Writing and sending out press to the media,

  >> Working on CD reviews,

  >> Writing – Arranging Songs,


Or just rehearsing and working on your live performance as much as possible.  Not to mention shows that you may have to turn down in order to work your regular job

How to get a record deal

But you have no choice, you have to work the regular job because you’re not rich and you have to pay your bills and help support your music career as well …..  Right?  Well in today’s world of opportunities, there may be a way to minimize the time you spend on traveling to a job, working 4-8 hours a day, all to make money to pay bills.


What if I told you that there are quite a few ways that you could work from your own home for a few hours a week, and make the money you need for bills, subsidize your music career, and possibly then some.  And you could utilize all that extra time marketing and promoting your career and your creative flavor?  Well there is a way and it’s not as difficult as you might think. 


There are many legitimate ways that you can set up your own home business on the Internet and make the money you need.  I’m not talking about the thousands of “work at home” scams, or network-pyramid marketing, or any of that crap.  I’m talking about legitimate methods, that with a little set-up time can put you on auto-pilot to making the money you need.  Once set-up,  it's your very own business and you could maybe spend a few hours a week on it, and rest of the time is yours to spend on your music career.  Many independent artists have found that doing this relieves a tremendous amount of anxiety and frustration from their life, and has given them the freedom to work on thier first love, and what is the most important thing to them in life .... Thier Music Career Advancement.


Recommended (NON SCAM) Work-at-Home Opportunities 


about the author >>

Kenny (Sea) Cavalier' is a music business coach, author, panelist, consultant, and Artist Manager with over thirty five gruling years of music business experience, performing, recording, managing, producing, and coaching unsigned and signed independent musicians and bands  He is widely considered a major expert in his field.  His focus remains the advancement of his Artist's career while building a strong independent foundation for bands and artists at any level of development. 

Ken is the founder of Allure Media Entertainment Group, an artist management & consulting firm for independent and signed artists.  He is also a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS - The Grammy Association,  National Conference of Personal Managers (NCOPM), and many other distinguished organizations.  Ken has lectured and authored many informative guides and directories on digital branding, music promotion, and marketing.  His widely popular FREE TIP SHEET "WHAT LABELS WANT" is published and distributed monthly to thousands of Independent Artists and Bands.

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